5 Tips For Active Seniors To Prevent Foot Pain

Last updated: 12-16-2020

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5 Tips For Active Seniors To Prevent Foot Pain

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you have any intention of slowing down. However, our bodies just aren’t what they used to be when we reach our 60s, 70s and 80s, so we have to pay a little more attention and plan with a little more foresight so problems don’t develop. If you know you are going to have a long day on your feet, consider these five tips to help prevent foot pain from developing.
Preventing Foot Pain When You’re On Your Feet All Day

Preventing foot pain when you’re going to be active or on your feet for a long period comes down to planning ahead and making good choices. Here’s a look at five tips to keep in mind.

1. Shoe Choice – If you’re going to be walking around for hours or going on a two-mile hike, make sure you pack the right shoes for your adventure. Your shoes should be supportive, durable and built for the day’s activities. If you’re really concerned about getting ample support, invest in a custom orthotic or gel insert.

2. Medication Management – If you know you’re going to be stressing your feet, consider taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agent or pain reliever. If you are taking other medications, ask your doctor if it is safe to take other medications before you pick out an OTC option. Bring your pain reliever along with you and take a dose when pain starts to develop.

3. Taking Breaks – If possible, plan your activities so that you can work some breaks into your day. If you’re going shopping for a few hours, suggest a 15-minute break at the food court for a snack so your feet can take a break. Pack a folding chair, or find a nearby bench to give your feet a quick rest. If you’re in a group, let them know that you’d like to take a break, because odds are they won’t mind sitting down for a bit either.

4. Stop If Pain Develops – If your feet start to get sore, you can probably get by with a short break. However, if acute pain sets in, cut your activity short. Pressing on can make the problem worse, so do the smart thing and be done for the day.

5. Talk To A Foot Specialist – If you have any concerns about an upcoming activity or pain that developed recently, share those concerns with your doctor. Maybe you’re planning to hike the Grand Canyon on your 60th birthday, or do a fundraiser walk for Alzheimer’s Awareness. Let your doctor know about these activities, so they can give you some activity-specific tips. If pain sets in, head in for a quick diagnosis so we can get you back on your feet with a treatment plan.

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