Why Won’t Cuts On My Feet Heal?

Why Won’t Cuts On My Feet Heal?

Cuts on your feet can be problematic and hurt with each step you take. When you’re young and able-bodied, these cuts and sores usually heal relatively quickly. However, when you get older, you may notice that those same wounds don’t heal very fast, and some of them seem to linger for a long time. So why won’t those cuts heal? We explain why cuts on your feet don’t heal quickly or at all on this blog.

Foot Sores Won’t Heal
No matter where a cut is on your body, the healing process begins as healthy blood is circulated to the area to help fight infection and begin the healing process. If blood flow to your feet is reduced, the damaged tissues don’t get as much oxygen. When this occurs, cell metabolism slows down, which reduces your body’s ability to fight of infection and close the wound. In most cases, wounds that fail to heal or cuts that heal very slowly can be traced back to poor circulation.

Since your feet are the furthest body part away from your heart, they are the area of your body most at risk for having circulation issues. Circulation problems can occur over the years as blood vessels break down or get damaged, but they can also occur as a result of another health condition. The most common related condition that causes circulatory issues is diabetes. Other risk factors of poor circulation in the feet include:

High blood pressure
Old age
Taking certain medications
Heavy alcohol use
Diabetic Foot Circulation
All the above factors can contribute to poor circulation and inhibited wound healing, but diabetes is the most common cause of circulatory problems that we see in our office. If you have diabetes and are worried about your foot health, check out some of the links below that can help keep your diabetic feet free from injury.

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If you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, but you check the boxes for some of the risk factors listed above, or you’re dealing with a foot wound that just won’t heal, do yourself a favor and reach out to Dr. Silverman. He’ll be able to take a closer look at the wound, provide a diagnosis and prescribe you with some treatment options to care for the injury. He can also run some tests to determine if a circulation issue is contributing to the lack of healing.