Fewer Than 10% of Americans Have Antibodies

Last updated: 10-17-2020

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Fewer Than 10% of Americans Have Antibodies

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A new study published in The Lancet found that less than 10% of Americans have developed antibodies for the coronavirus.  The study was conducted by Stanford University scientists and involved 46 states in the research.

Plasma from 28,503 people found that a limited number of people had developed antibodies. The study found, “Residents of non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic neighborhoods experienced higher odds of seropositivity… compared with residents of predominantly non-Hispanic white neighborhoods. Residents of neighborhoods in the highest population density quintile experienced increased odds of seropositivity…compared with residents of the lowest density quintile.”

This matches data that shows that Black and Hispanic citizens were badly affected by the coronavirus compared to white communities. According to the New York Times, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be releasing a similar analysis and conclusions shortly. This estimate of immunity is important as President Trump looks to spreading the idea of “herd immunity” and lifting lockdowns and other restrictions.

Dr. Mitchell Katz, president of NYC’s public hospital system, said there was no herd immunity in the city, and explained, “Herd immunity occurs when more than 80% of people are immune and that protects everyone.” Instead, Katz referenced the importance of mask-wearing, social distancing and other hygiene guidelines.

Read more about protecting yourself from coronavirus. Check the CDC website for more information on how to protect yourself and check our latest article to learn how COVID-19 differs from the flu.

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