7 Home Fitness Challenges to Dominate

Last updated: 05-28-2020

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7 Home Fitness Challenges to Dominate

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't stay in shape. These seven fitness and diet challenges can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule and will give you something to work toward in the coming days or weeks. 

Bodyweight exercises are the perfect way to stay in shape from home if you don't have access to weights or machines. This bodyweight workout challenge from Shape.com features quick, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts to boost both cardiovascular endurance, strength and mobility. The foundation of the challenge includes four HIIT workouts a week, with every day including a "burnout move" to create a well-rounded workout plan. 

Our physical fitness isn't the only thing that's been impacted by the pandemic—many of our nutritional needs have been sidelined over the past few weeks as well. Because we're more stagnant at home, we have less of a caloric requirement than if we were out and about. This 7-day meal plan outlines daily breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that total 1,200 calories—perfect for kickstarting healthy eating habits and losing a bit of weight. They've also created meal plan alternatives with more calories for those of us who are a bit more active.

Even if you're swamped with at-home Zoom meetings, helping the kids with schoolwork and doing chores around the house, we can all likely spare 30 minutes for a quick workout. This isn't a "fitness challenge" per se, but it's a complete HIIT workout that can be scaled as your fitness improves. Start with the beginner "two-circuit" repeats, and work your way up to completing five circuits per workout. 

If you've been sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix for the past several weeks, this fitness challenge is for you. It starts slowly with an initial assessment with where you are physically, before jumping into the meat of the workout. We especially like how each day is broken out into individual workouts (that include stretches), and the illustrations are helpful if you aren't sure what each bodyweight move looks like. 

Say goodbye to all-too-convenient processed sugars and carbs! This "Shape Up Your Plate" challenge includes 30 days of clean eating, starting with a week-long diet detox. This challenge includes a healthy grocery list, daily recipes and meal prep tips to make it easier and more delicious than ever to overhaul your diet. Take it one step further and pair this diet challenge with one of our other 30-day fitness challenges on this list for a complete total-body refresh. 

While at-home HIIT workouts are definitely the most effective way to stay physically fit with limited space and resources, simply staying in motion (both physically and mentally) is important during these unprecedented times. Men's Health started a daily challenge on its Instagram (#MHDailyChallenge) that includes a wide range of simple, actionable tasks designed to keep your mind and body moving. It's simple—for example, one day was "side planks" and another was "share your feelings." 

Push-ups are arguably the most effective single exercises out there—they boost core, shoulder and arm strength in one do-it-all move. Keep things simple as you stay at home with our push-up challenge that's as straightforward (and difficult) as it gets: Complete 100 push-ups every day for 30 days. Do them on your knees, break them up throughout the day—do whatever works best for you. If push-ups aren't your thing, consider trying our 30-Day Plank Challenge or our 30-Day Ab Challenge instead. 

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