3 Experts Give Their Advice On How To Live Longer Naturally

Last updated: 06-10-2020

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3 Experts Give Their Advice On How To Live Longer Naturally

One thing the pandemic has universally taught us is that leading a healthy lifestyle is key for longevity and wellness. Although we are currently grounded and not able to travel like we have in the past, there are ways we can focus on building our health during these times. Some of those methods are focusing on the lymphatic system; mitochondria research; and finding ways to connect with others.

Bookmark this advice! Here are key tips from renowned wellness experts:

“On a daily basis I see clients who are desperate for change, wanting to take care of themselves, but not sure how,” says Chelsey Jean, Naturopath, Sports Therapist and CEO & Founder of Chelsey Jean. “Most don’t realize how much of a crucial part their secret river of life, the 15 liters of lymphatic fluid, is vital for life.” Unfortunately, a lot only hear about it with a cancer diagnosis. Our lymph system is essential for detoxification, immune health, happy hormones, fat transportation, metabolism, and energy levels.

I have realized that almost every single chronic issue I see as a Naturopath is affected by it. When it slows down, so do you. We all know we need to move, what I teach my clients is the sequence your body needs to drain, the key moves to feel light, unblocked and back in control. “Everyone can do it. From the comfort of your own home or even your office space, you can boost your concentration, speed up recovery and feel alive.”

“We probably all remember from 10th grade biology class that mitochondria are the power house to our cells & bodies,” says Dr Matt DiDuro, DC, Research Director at Atl Pain Institute. “They are in nearly every cell of our body, except our red blood cells. The mitochondria alone make up to 10-15% of our total body weight.”

“However, did you know that every year, every birthday that you celebrate those little mitochondria get less efficient and don't work as well,?” asks DiDuro. “Specifically, they're not as efficient at utilizing oxygen, or how they help a cell generate energy to replicate, repair and even regenerate. Early signs of mitochondria damage are: less energy, becoming a night owl, relying on caffeine for energy boost, subtle mood swings, brain fog, loss of stamina & low sex drives to name a few symptoms.”

Illness & aging are based on what's going on in our mitochondria metabolic function. “If we are able to address this on a cellular level, we may be able to improve the health of the mitochondria,” says Dr DiDuro. “Some longevity clinics & anti-aging doctors are starting to explore the Orthogold 100 powered by TRT (Tissue Regeneration Technology). It's been nicknamed "the Stem Cell Machine", because it activates the body's own endogenous stem cells. The benefits from this therapy have been shown: improve blood flow, decrease pain, improve range of motion, plus activate connective tissue thereby accelerate healing in wounds & non healing fractures.”

3. Never Stop Connecting With Others

 “Studies have proven that human connection is the key to longevity, even in the presence of disease,” says Raquel Powley, Founder of Nurturer. “Human connection is something that is innately built-in from a survival point of view and persistent loneliness or isolation has a detrimental physical effect on the body. The result is a chronic inflammatory state which damages the heart, alters immune function and promotes bone and muscle loss”.

 “Every disease starts with inflammation - including Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline - so reducing this is imperative to quality of life alongside longevity. My Virility with Longevity Programinvolves looking at Nutrition, social, physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors. This along with comprehensive and measurable testing, provides a fast-acting protocol that is unique to every client”.

Raquel’s clinic specializes in men’s health, libido and healthy ageing. “Men have been neglected in regard to longevity and It is largely accepted that women will outlive their male counterparts. Support for men to have the discussions in regard to their health, when the symptoms start to develop is the key to making this statistic shift in the future. The human body is very communicative, and the warning signs are always there well before the disease is detectable – we sometimes just need help to listen and have the right support to make positive changes”.

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