How to Get Motivated to Exercise - Avoid The 3 Most Common Excuses

Last updated: 10-12-2020

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How to Get Motivated to Exercise - Avoid The 3 Most Common Excuses

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It goes without saying that the majority of the world’s population is not getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, most people are not just ‘not’ exercising but they are also living inactive and unhealthy lifestyles. The rise of digital media, cloud applications, fast food, and video games are the biggest culprits to blame in this regard. 

To be specific over 60% of Americans do not get enough exercise and over 95% of the world’s population has health problems as studies have revealed. These alarming stats should be enough to send shivers down your spine. And we have not even got to the part where we inform you about the dangers of not exercising. 

Want to know what happens when you live an inactive lifestyle and do not participate in any physical sports or exercises? To start, a lack of exercise can reduce your life span and decrease your mortality rate. If you think that’s the worst part, we will have you know that we are just getting started. 

Not exercising can expose you to a number of health diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, reduced mental health, joints pain, week bones, slow metabolism, sleep problem, anxiety, reduced self-worth, and depression. Want us to go on? Hope not! Mentioning these health problems will probably be enough to show you how important it is to exercise regularly. 

Read on to find the top 3 reasons why most people run away from developing a healthy lifestyle of regular workouts and also learn how you can overcome these challenges. 

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“I do not have the time.” This is the single most common excuse you will hear from the people who do not participate in healthy sports or exercises. As it is true that our lifestyles have a way of keeping us busy with many responsibilities and obligations. 

But again most people all over the world have busy routines with their 9 to 5 jobs but those who love to stay fit and have fitness goals in mind always manage time for exercising to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

How Do You Overcome This? Manage your time, it is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is to shuffle your daily schedule around and spare 15 minutes in which you can exercise. You do not need several hours, exercising only 15-30 minutes daily can make a major impact on your health. 

Maybe you are not motivated to exercise because you like to binge-watch movies and maybe you're too lazy to get off your couch after a tiring long day of work even when you have free time on your hands. Without motivation living a healthy and happy life is not possible. 

How Do You Fix This?You usually do not have to be motivated by listening to upbeat music or watching videos of athletes on the internet. You should find comfort and motivation in this though that if you just get up and exercise even for a short period of time you will add some years to your life and if your kids watch you exercise they will also follow in your footsteps.  

There are people who have very unfit bodies or maybe they are obese. Such people and those who have insecurities and do not feel comfortable in their own skins never find the courage of going to the gym and workout. They always feel like everyone will be watching them and may make fun of their appearance. 

How Do You Change Your Outlook? This is a psychological problem that cannot be fixed with a magic wand or a miracle pill. The fix for this issue is also psychological. An easy way to boost self-confidence and self-esteem is to wear athletic clothes that make you look sportier. 

Many athleisure companies like BornTough provide specially designed workout clothing that not only makes you feel comfortable and increase your performance in the gym but also makes you look stylish and modern. 

Similarly, there can be a laundry list of excuses your mind can make in a second for not getting up and exercise.  As our minds are programmed to save energy and find easiness in every aspect of life. Something hard like working out usually requires strong will power and motivation to actually follow through a workout routine and not leaving the gym after a couple of days of exercising.  

Therefore instead of burning yourself out in a few days of working out. Develop a workout schedule and follow it with proper discipline and dedication to see visible effects in your life. Playing video games or using the internet all day will only make you unhealthy and unfit and will also increase the chances of health risks. 

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