The Perfect At-Home Workout for When You Can’t Go to the Gym

Last updated: 05-05-2020

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The Perfect At-Home Workout for When You Can’t Go to the Gym

At this point in our new era of social distancing, the very act of changing out of sweatpants and into workout leggings feels like a monumental feat. But if there was ever a time to start doing leg workouts at home, it’s now.

Aside from its preventing me from turning into a literal couch potato (a fear that is very unscientific yet still keeps me up at night), keeping up with regular exercise is a vital part of staying healthy and strong in these truly unprecedented times. A regular workout routine has obvious body benefits, but maybe even more important right now is the mental health boost and comforting level of structure in our otherwise ambiguous days that committing to a regular sweat will bring.

It’s bleak out there, but there are plenty of silver linings—like the fact that most of us are probably taking more time for ourselves than we have in months. We’re downloading that meditation app, catching up on sleep, cooking our way through Alison Roman’s genius cookbook, face-masking while having a virtual glass of wine with our besties, and putting on those leggings to gear up for an easy at-home workout that will make you feel as if you’ve just conquered Everest.

To make that last bit as easy as possible, we asked Isaac Calpito, a certified personal trainer and Obé instructor, for his go-to moves for the best glute and leg workouts at home. You don’t need any equipment—and if you really want, you can even do them in sweatpants.

Start in table top. Secure your core and lengthen your spine. Extend your working leg and point your foot. Make small circles with your inner thigh for 60 seconds, then reverse your circle for another 60 seconds. Switch legs.

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