4 Ways To Improve Circulation in Your Ankles and Feet

Last updated: 08-06-2020

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4 Ways To Improve Circulation in Your Ankles and Feet

Poor circulation can be a precursor to some serious health conditions, and it’s also a sign that you should work to improve circulation in your feet. Today, we share four tips for improving blood circulation in your ankles and feet. If you’re still experiencing numbness after trying these tips, be sure to set up a consultation with a foot specialist to get to the heart of the issue.
Circulation In Your Feet

Here are four tips to keep in mind if you want to promote healthy blood flow in your calves, ankles and feet.

1. Move Frequently – Movement helps facilitate healthy blood flow throughout your body. When you’re in a seated position, veins and arteries can become compressed, limiting blood flow to an area. This can leave you feeling a pins and needles-like sensation in an area lacking oxygenated blood. Make it a point to get up and walk around for a couple of minutes at least once an hour if you have been sitting for a while. If you work in an office where you are forced to sit for hours on end, make time to walk around or stand up so your feet and ankles continue to get oxygenated blood throughout the day.

2. Consider Compression – Compression socks work by placing pressure on the veins in your lower body, which helps your body circulate blood more efficiently. You can usually find a good pair of compression socks at shoe stores or certain department stores. You’ll want to find a pair that provide some pressure without cutting off circulation to your feet. These socks can help improve blood flow, especially if you know you’re going to be in a seated position for some time.

3. Hydration Helps – Staying hydrated is another key aspect of getting healthy blood flow in your ankles and feet. Water helps ensure that blood circulates more efficiently and prevents more serious issues related to poor circulation, like blood clots exacerbated by dehydration. You should strive to drink 60-80 ounces of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and improve circulation.

4. Regular Exercise – Movement is great, but regular exercise is an even better way to improve circulation in your ankles and feet. Exercise helps build and strengthen your muscles, but it also improves your cardiovascular system. Exercise gets the heart beating and pumps blood to your ankles and feet, which supports the movement of the muscles in the same area. This leads to better circulation and can even lead to weight loss, which also has been shown to improve circulation.

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