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Last updated: 02-13-2020

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Outstanding Ingrown Toenail Treatment | Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics

A variety of reasons cause this problem. If you pick your nails a lot, the corners of the nails are frequently torn or picked away, which puts you at risk for developing ingrown toenails. This can also happen if you round the corners of your nails when you’re cutting them. An injury to the nail bed might make you more susceptible, too.

Sometimes, there’s nothing you did to create the problem. Your nails might just be naturally curved downward or too thick to cut without botching the job. Others have toenails that are too big for their toes. It can also be hard do a good snipping job if you can’t see or reach your nails.

First of all, you should see a doctor immediately if you have an ingrown toenail and you’re a diabetic or suffer from circulatory problems. This is simply a precaution to make sure your problem doesn’t turn into something serious and life threatening. We just don’t want to see a small problem turn into an ulcer or bone infection. Many times the doctors will recommend a partial matricectomy, which is a very simple procedure that permanently corrects the ingrown toenail without any discomfort to the patient.

To treat your ingrown toenails at home, start with a warm foot bath. When you’ve soaked for around 10 minutes, take out your foot and massage the affected area. Then, situate a little piece of cotton beneath the edge of the toenail that’s poking into the skin. You can wet the cotton beforehand with an antibiotic ointment. Put a bandage on the toe.

Early treatment like this will usually get rid of your pain. However, if it gets worse, let our team treat your problem. We can remove the part of the nail that’s giving you trouble in a quick, painless procedure at our nail center.

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