How To Stay Active When You’re Stuck Inside

Last updated: 06-30-2020

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How To Stay Active When You’re Stuck Inside

As COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, sweeps across the globe, many employers are taking proactive steps to help make it easier for Americans to practice social distancing by asking them to work from home. It seems like bars, restaurants and gyms may soon temporarily close as well to help keep people from spreading the virus, and while this will certainlyhave an economic impact, it also makes it harder for people to get their daily recommended exercise. Below, we share some tips for staying active when you’re stuck inside.
Staying Active During Social Distancing

Here are some ways to remain active while still practicing good social distancing habits:

1. Bust Out The Exercise Equipment – If you have a stationary bicycle or a bench press sitting in your basement or garage, it may be a good idea to dust it off and set it up. Working out on this exercise equipment can help simulate an outdoor exercise while also allowing you to still keep an eye on the household. Remember, working out is good for your physical health, but it can also help to reduce stress in a time where stress levels may be higher than normal.

2. Outdoor Run – You can still practice social distancing by going on an outdoor run. Avoid running with a large group, but grabbing a buddy and running for a couple miles is still a fine way to exercise. Outdoor running can also help you avoid germs that may be left on treadmills if your gym is still open.

3. Pace – Now, this may sound like we’re being dramatic, but we don’t mean pace around the room with worry. If you’re working from home, odds are you’re going to be on a few phone calls or conference calls. If possible, consider walking around your house while you’re on these calls. A half hour conference call can be a great time to get a half hour of walking in from the comfort of your home!

4. Play – Play around in the backyard with your family or get a game of Hide and Seek going inside the house. Engage in some more active playtime activities with your family, and you’ll get the benefits of exercise without it feeling like you’re going through a standard workout. Reading books or doing puzzles are great ways to engage your mind, but make sure you engage in some physical playtime activities as well.

We’re going to get through this. It’s going to take some time, but we’re going to come out of this with a new appreciation for what we have in our lives as well as a better system for handling something like this in the future. Practice good hand washing and social distancing, and find ways to stay active to keep your body in good shape. And a huge shoutout to everyone who is still working at their job providing essential services.

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