What to do if you Keep Spraining Your Ankle

Last updated: 07-09-2020

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What to do if you Keep Spraining Your Ankle

Ankle instability is a common condition that can increase a patient’s risk of ankle injury. In this article, we’re going to talk about ankle instability and what to do if you keep rolling your ankle on a regular basis.
Recurring Ankle Sprains

If you have recurrent ankle sprains, especially sprains that occur more than once every six months, you may be suffering from ankle instability – which can be damaging to your cartilage and cause ankle arthritis at a young age. Ankle instability needs to be evaluated by an orthopaedic specialist to make sure that the ankle is stable and will remain so for the long term.
Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

Sometimes patients with ankle instability need to have surgery to reconstruct the ligament on the outside of the ankle. This is a simple procedure that is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. First, the surgeon makes a small incision on the outside of the ankle and locates the native ligament. Then the ligament is shortened back to the bone where it’s supposed to be and it’s reaffixed with sutures and small anchors into the bone.

After the procedure, rehabilitation protocol is similar to that of a typical ankle sprain, the goal of which is to promote healing and prevent re-injury. Many patients who undergo this procedure regain the full function of their ankle and are able to continue to participate in the activities they love to do.
Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgery

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