Solutions for Dealing With Flat Feet

Last updated: 09-14-2020

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 Solutions for Dealing With Flat Feet


Flat foot surgery may be an option for painful flat feet that have not improved with other measures.4

Surgery for flat feet can be relatively simple or extremely complex, depending on the patient's age, the severity of the flat foot and its symptoms. Every flat foot is different, so it's important that the flat foot not is treated in a cookie-cutter fashion.
Types of Flat-Foot Surgery

Implant: A surgeon places an implant in the back of the foot to support the bones.
Structural: A common flat foot surgery involves tendon transfers with bone cuts or joint fusions to achieve realignment.
Fusion: In more advanced end-stage cases, major joint fusions may be needed.

Though there is no cure for a flat foot, there are measures you can take to make your feet feel better and improve their alignment. When all else fails, surgery can be an option.

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