What To Look For In A Slipper

Last updated: 11-07-2020

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What To Look For In A Slipper

As COVID-19 forces more people to work from home, many people are trading their work shoes for a more comfortable option or by going barefoot around the house. But now that the temperature is starting to cool off, a lot of people are looking for a footwear option to wear around to house that helps to keep their foot warm. Oftentimes, they land on a slipper as the perfect option.

You should buy a slipper based on the purpose you want to use it for, but since many slippers are used for daily activities around the house, most people are going to want the same qualities in a slipper. In today’s blog, we share some tips for what you should look for when buying slippers.
The Best Slippers For Your Feet

Recently, Dr. Silverman was interviewed by NBCNews.com for a similar story on what to look for in a slipper. You can read that story by clicking here, but we’ve also shared some of his comments from the article below.

“You want the slipper to force your foot to exercise to hold it on [so you should avoid] heel straps. If you have to grab this slipper to keep it in place while you walk, it’s extra strengthening you can do to improve your foot muscles. The muscles protect the bones and joints. Having strong muscles is how we keep our feet healthy.”

In other words, since you’re not really choosing a slipper to protect your feet from punctures on the job site or to provide cushioning when you’re running, you don’t need to look for a slipper with all the bells and whistles. You want your foot to feel comfortable in the slipper, but it may actually be more beneficial to buy a more minimal slipper that doesn’t have a back strap so that your feet can work a little harder while you’re walking around the house.

By forcing your feet to work a little harder, you’ll be strengthening key muscles groups and helping to naturally improve your balance. Since you’re probably not on your feet for hours in slippers, it’s unlikely this extra work put in by the feet while you’re walking will contribute to a stress overload. Instead, your feet just get a mini workout while you walk to the kitchen for your coffee or as you let the dog out to go to the bathroom. Over time, this will really help to keep your feet strong.

So when buying slippers, consider buying ones like the pair in the picture above, because these will offer your feet warmth and ensure they work a little while you move, which is great for your feet! For more shoe buying information, or for help with your foot pain, reach out to Dr. Silverman and the team at Silverman Ankle & Foot today.

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