Having Regular Toe Pain – What Gives?

Last updated: 11-22-2020

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Having Regular Toe Pain – What Gives?

Toe pain is something that a large portion of Americans deal with on a regular basis, especially as they get older. But what tends to cause this discomfort, and how can you treat the pain so every step doesn’t come with a grimace of pain? We answer those questions and more in today’s blog.
Dealing With Chronic Toe Pain

If you’re dealing with regular instances of toe pain, we’re going to assume that there’s something structurally wrong with your foot as opposed to a fracture or bruise that is the result of an acute injury. Dull or chronic toe pain that is not caused by an acute injury could be caused by a few different issues. We’re not going to try to diagnose you without seeing your foot in person, but some common issues that could be contributing to your discomfort include:

Hammer toes
Bone spurs

While each of these conditions requires their own unique treatment, they do have one thing in common – They aren’t going to get better on their own. In fact, left untreated, these conditions only tend to get worse. Eventually, if they get bad enough, you may not be able to get back to a pre-injury level of function. Essentially, if you’re dealing with chronic toe pain, you need to do yourself a favor and have the injury examined and treated.

That’s exactly what we do at Silverman Ankle & Foot. Dr. Silverman will ask about your symptoms, review your medical history and then conduct a physical exam. From there, he’ll likely conduct an x-ray or similar imaging test in order to pinpoint the exact location of trouble. Then, after a precise diagnosis has been made, he’ll walk you through all your treatment options.

For many of the conditions listed above, all you need to do is to make some small daily changes in order to make symptoms alleviate. It could be as simple as changing your shoes or improving your diet, or treatment could be a little more hands-on. Whatever you need, Dr. Silverman will be able to walk you through your course of treatment.

In the event that surgery is required, he won’t pass you off to another surgeon, either. Dr. Silverman has decades of experience and can address many toe issues with a minimally invasive procedure. Making only a couple tiny incisions, he can correct your foot deformity or blast away bone spurs and have you back to pain free walking in no time. Surgery won’t be his first choice, but if it comes to it, you know that you can trust Dr. Silverman when it comes to time operate.

So don’t just deal with chronic toe pain, because it’s unlikely to go away on its own. Proactively treat it with the help of Dr. Silverman and get back to walking without pain. For more information, contact his clinic today at (952) 224-8500.

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