What Should I Know Before Foot Surgery?

Last updated: 12-05-2020

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What Should I Know Before Foot Surgery?

Although Dr. Silverman has performed thousands of foot surgeries, most people who undergo an operation are doing so for the first or second time. This means that most patients are unfamiliar with what they should expect heading into the operating room. Below, we share five things we want patients to know before they undergo foot surgery.
Foot Surgery – Five Things To Know

Here are five things to know before you go under the knife for foot or ankle surgery.

1. It’s a last resort, but it has great outcomes – Foot surgeons usually try conservative methods before surgery, as an operation is usually viewed as a last resort. That being said, the vast majority of foot surgeries have very high success rates, so if you’ve been told that surgery is in your future, know that you’re in good hands and that you’re expected to have a great outcome.

2. You’ll want to plan ahead – Start focusing on your rehab before you have your surgery. Prep some healthy meals, clean your house and get equipment that will help in your rehab before you go under the knife. That way, once you’ve been discharged home, you’ll walk into a place that is best suited to help you recover.

3. Your doctor knows best – Listen, we know that you want to get back on the playing field or back to work, but trust your doctor when they give you a rehab timeline. Don’t rush your rehab or increase your schedule without first running it past your doctor. They will always prioritize your health, trust what they’re saying.

4. Complications are rare – As we mentioned earlier, complications are rare. Minor complications like bleeding or scar tissue formation happen from time to time, but doctors work to minimize risks in all possible ways. You can also help to reduce your complication risk by eating healthy, maintaining a proper weight and listening to all your doctor’s instructions leading up to surgery.

5. You’ll do great – Surgery may sound scary, but most people are pleased with how routine the operation was when looking back on it. Try not to overstress before surgery, and focus on all the things you’ll be able to do assuming the surgery goes as planned. Trust that you are in good hands, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions.

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