5 Sneaky Reasons Your Shoes Are Causing Foot Pain

5 Sneaky Reasons Your Shoes Are Causing Foot Pain

Your shoes play a pivotal role in protecting your feet, but they can also be a cause of your pain. Sometimes people overlook their shoes as the source of their issue, and continuing to put your feet in those shoes can make the problem worse. To help stop this from happening, we want to take some time to point out five sneaky reasons your shoes are contributing to your foot pain.
Why Your Shoes Are The Problem

Here’s a look at five reasons why your shoes may be exacerbating your foot problem.

1. Wearing The Wrong Size – You might think that’s it’s easy to tell that you’re wearing the wrong size shoes, but that’s not always the case. Most adults don’t check their foot size every time they buy a new pair of shoes, but it’s a good habit to do, because your foot structure can change even as an adult. Don’t just assume you’re still a size 10 because that’s what you’ve been buying for the last five years. Also, even though shoe sizes are supposed to be standardized, they oftentimes vary slightly between manufacturers, so make sure the shoe isn’t too tight before you buy it.

2. Wearing The Same Shoe – If you wear the same shoes all the time, stress and pressure is going to be displaced to the same spots. If you have a nice, supportive shoe, this won’t necessarily be a problem, but if the shoe isn’t a perfect fit, problems can develop. Don’t always wear heels or sandals; vary your footwear options.

3. Choosing Fashion Over Function – Everyone wants to look good in their shoes, but you also have to remember that fashion isn’t everything. High heels or pointed toe options can contribute to foot deformities like bunions. That’s not to say that you should never wear these shoes, but do so in moderation. If you want to wear these shoes out or to the office, pack a more comfortable pair to change into if pain begins to set in.

4. Lack of Support – Everyone’s feet are different, so each pair of shoes is going to fit a little differently. Some people have high arches, some have flat feet, and others have wide or narrow fits. Make sure the shoe you choose contours to your feet so stress can be dispersed as it should. If your shoes aren’t providing you with the best support, consider investing in an orthotic insert.

5. Worn Down – There comes a time when all shoes need to be recycled or thrown out. It can be tough to part with your favorite pair, but if they have holes or tears, they can be letting in moisture, which can contribute to things like Athlete’s Foot or toenail fungus. If your shoes are worn down, they also probably aren’t providing you with much support. When the time comes, recycle your old shoes and invest in a quality new pair that better protect your feet.

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