Why Do I Keep Rolling My Ankle?

Last updated: 12-22-2020

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Why Do I Keep Rolling My Ankle?

w your lateral ankle ligaments work. When healthy, they can provide plenty of support and prevent frequent rolling of the ankle. But if they suffer trauma or microtears, it takes less stress before it gives out and the ankle rolls.

The good news is that ankle ligaments can be strengthened in a number of different ways. Rest is the most obvious, but rest alone won’t help you achieve maximum healing. You’ll also want to begin a physical therapy regimen. This will help the ligaments get stronger and be able to bear more stress. Your foot and ankle specialist can set you up with a PT routine if you’re interested in strengthening your lateral ankle ligaments.

On the off chance that conservative care doesn’t work, Dr. Silverman can also perform a minimally invasive surgery to reinforce your ankle ligaments. This procedure really helps to strengthen the ligaments and provide stabilization for the ankle. It is a rather straightforward operation that usually produces fantastic results. You can learn more about the operation by watching this short video Dr. Silverman put together.

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