How To Explain Your Foot Pain To Your Doctor

Last updated: 01-06-2021

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How To Explain Your Foot Pain To Your Doctor

It can be hard to find the words to describe the pain or discomfort you are feeling, but it’s important that you explain as accurately as possible because this will help the doctor with his assessment. While it’s true that they have imaging devices and other ways to get to the bottom of your foot pain, those expenses can add up, so you can save yourself some time and money by doing your best to explain exactly what’s going on in your foot.

But how can we do that accurately and effectively? We explain how to talk to your doctor about your foot pain in today’s blog.
How To Describe Pain

When it comes to describing your foot pain, we found that following these tips and answering these questions often helps to paint a better picture of your situation than if you simply sat down with a doctor and answered the question “So what’s going on with your feet.” You and your doctor will have more effective communication if you keep these ideas in mind.

1. Answer the question “My pain is worst when….”

Is your foot pain worst in the morning? After a day at the office? Does it flare up after exercise or activity? We know you’re in pain, but what activities seem to be making pain most unbearable?

2. Answer the question “I find relief by…”

What actions help to provide a temporary sense of relief? Are you taking over the counter medications? Do you soak it in a bath? Do you elevate them? Have you struggled to find any short-term relief? Answering this question also helps further our understanding.

3. What have you been trying for treatment?

Relief and treatment are two different aspects of care. Here, we’re looking for treatments that are aimed at long-term pain solutions or the underlying cause of pain. Are you on meds? Are you exercising? Are you adjusting your diet? Have you tried physical therapy? This gives us an idea of what is and isn’t working, or where we want to start.

4. Consider journaling

A final way tip that many people find helpful when trying to talk to their doctor about their foot pain is to create a daily journal. We don’t tend to remember pain as vividly as we did in the moment, so when trying to explain pain from the past, we may not be as accurate when talking to our doctor. But if you keep a pain journal and document your pain level, symptoms and other aspects of care, you’ll be able to easily describe the totality of your discomfort over the past few weeks. We love when patients bring in journals, diaries or other ways they’ve been tracking their condition.

If you need help describing, diagnosing or treating your foot pain, reach out to Dr. Silverman’s office today.

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