Why Is My Foot Pain Lingering?

Last updated: 02-10-2021

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Why Is My Foot Pain Lingering?

Sometimes foot pain seems to come and go, but what happens if foot pain develops and then never truly goes away? What should you do if you foot pain continues to linger for weeks or months? We explain why that might be happening, and what you can do about it in this blog.
Foot Pain Won’t Go Away

Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons why foot pain lingers, and what you can do to treat it.

1. Continue To Overstress – A number of common foot ailments are caused by repetitive overstress and trauma to the feet. Rest is a great way to help your foot pain heal, but we’re often so busy that we don’t give our feet enough rest. Stay off your feet for a weekend, or work your upper body at the gym for a few days to give your feet some extra time to heal.

2. Treating The Wrong Problem – Another common issue is that people think they are dealing with one condition when they are actually dealing with a whole different problem. This is problematic because some conditions heal best with rest, while others are treated with exercise and targeted physical therapy. If your treatment plan isn’t targeting the true problem, you’re going to struggle to find relief. Reach out to a foot specialist to get a true diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan.

3. Your Shoes – Your shoes may be making your foot problem worse. Tight fighting shoes can exacerbate problems like hammer toes or bunions, and arch pain can develop if your shoes don’t cushion and support your arch. Other problems like athlete’s foot can continue if your shoes are wet or don’t allow your feet to adequately breathe. If your foot problems don’t get better, take a closer look at your footwear options.

4. Need More Hands-On Treatment – The vast majority of our bumps and bruises heal on their own or with conservative at-home treatment options, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes foot problems need more hands-on treatment by a professional. A doctor can look at the problem, set you up with the right brace or physical therapist, and they can even perform a minimally invasive operation to fix the problem if need be.

For more ways to address unresolved foot pain, or to talk to Dr. Silverman about your foot issues, reach out to him in the contact box below.

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