What Is Toe Jam And How Can You Prevent It?

What Is Toe Jam And How Can You Prevent It?

Having good foot hygiene is important for keeping your feet healthy, and there’s more to it than just letting water cascade over your feet when you’re in the shower. If you don’t actively clean and scrub your feet, you could be exposing them to certain foot issues, like athlete’s foot or the development of “toe jam.” Today, we take a closer look at toe jam and explain how you can best prevent it.

What is Toe Jam?
Simply put, toe jam is the buildup of debris and residue between your toes. Some of the things that can contribute to the development of toe jam include:

Sock lint
Dry skin
Left uncleaned, the areas between your toes can be a hotbed for debris buildup and even the onset of fungul infections. Athlete’s foot thrives in warm and moist locations like between your toes, and the same goes for scabies. Not only does good foot health prevent against the buildup of toe jam, but it also can protect against fungal infections.

How To Prevent Toe Jam
Preventing debris buildup is pretty easy as long as you take a couple of simple daily steps.

Wash your feet every day, and don’t just let the water flow over your feet, actually scrub your feet and between your toes.
Before bed, take a small cloth and wipe between each toe to remove any debris.
Be sure to wash new socks before you wear them to reduce the amount of lint that will come off of the socks.
Try to keep your feet dry so the spaces between your toes don’t become a hotbed for fungal infections.
If you’re still dealing with the development of toe jam or you believe that you may be dealing with a fungal infection, reach out to a foot specialist. We’ll be able to take a look at prescribe the right course of treatment to get rid of the infection. If you have any questions about how to best care for your feet, reach out to Dr. Silverman in the contact box below.