4 Causes of Foot Numbness and Tingling

4 Causes of Foot Numbness and Tingling

causes of numbness and tingly sensations in your feet, and what can be done to treat them.

Why Are My Feet Going Numb Regularly?
Here’s a look at four common causes of foot numbness.

1. Tight Shoes – One of the most common causes, and one of the most easily fixable causes of regular foot numbness is due to incorrectly fitting shoes. If your shoes are too tight, it can cut off circulation and compress nerves in your feet, which can lead to the tingling sensation. This is especially common in individuals who wear high heels or if you wear tight-fitting athletic shoes. Make sure your shoes are roomy enough for your feet to be able to move a bit, otherwise they may be the cause of your chronic foot numbness.

2. Bunion – Another foot issue that can lead to numbness and a tingling sensation is the development of a bunion. Bunions tend to develop on the joint of the big toe, and it can cause your big toe to push against the adjacent toes, which can lead to nerve compression. This nerve compression can lead to foot numbness, but treatment is pretty standard depending on the stage of bunion development. Using a toe spacer or changing your shoes to a more roomier option may work, otherwise a simple surgery can correct the deformity.

3. Nueropathy – Neuropathy is a chronic nerve condition that involves damage to nerves that relay sensations. It’s a symptom of diabetes and chronic alcohol abuse, and it can develop if chemotherapy is needed. The best way to treat nerve damage is to figure out the underlying cause and to treat that condition. This may include better diabetes management, physical therapy, diet changes or regular exercise. If you believe you’re dealing with nerve damage, get a diagnosis from a foot specialist.

4. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – Finally, another possible cause of foot numbness or an irregular tingling sensation is what’s known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. When the nerve in your tarsal tunnel, which is a space in your foot where nerves connect, becomes compressed, heel pain and numbness is common. Switching to a more roomier shoe may help address the problem, otherwise a visit with a foot specialist and calf stretches can also help.

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