Common Causes And Treatments For Stinky Feet

Common Causes And Treatments For Stinky Feet

Nobody wants to have smelly feet, but it’s an unfortunate reality for countless Americans. The good news is that the vast majority of these cases can be treated with basic care methods and an understanding of what’s causing your feet to smell. Below we take a closer look at the common causes of smelly feet, and how you can treat the condition.

Common Causes Of Stinky Feet
Here’s a look at some of the common reasons why your feet may have a noticeable odor:

Sweaty Feet – If our feet are hot, they cool down by producing sweat. We can combat armpit sweat with deodorant, but what can you do about foot sweat? For starters, try to keep your feet dry by changing socks if they get wet, and jump in the shower and scrub your feet if your feet get sweaty after exercise or activity. In some cases, excessive foot sweating is caused by a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, so talk to your foot specialist if you believe you’re dealing with excessive foot sweating.

Poor Hygiene – This problem is a little more difficult to notice on yourself, but it’s easier to notice on someone else. If your teen is dealing with stinky feet, find ways to suggest that they do a more thorough job scrubbing them in the shower. You can also look into lotions or shower gels that can help them keep their feet clean.

Stress – Stress can lead to sweating, which in turn can lead to stinky feet. It’s easier said than done, by try to find ways to destress your life. If it’s impossible to eliminate the stress in your life, find new ways to channel that stress or take up relaxation-based exercises like yoga or meditation to help keep stress from taking a physical toll on your feet.

Shoes – If your shoes have seen better days, especially if they are athletic shoes that absorb sweat during activity, odds are they are going to give off a little stench. If you keep putting your feet in those shoes, your socks and feet are going to come out smelling like your stinky shoes. If you have a particularly old pair, throw them out or recycle them. For newer pairs, consider investing in odor eater inserts that help to absorb some of the smell and give off a fresher scent so that your feet don’t end up smelling like a dirty sock.

If you keep your feet, socks and shoes clean, we’re confident that you can put an end to smelly feet. If you’re still having issues, or you want to talk to a doctor about your foot condition, reach out to Dr. Silverman by clicking here or by typing a question in the comments section below.