The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Your Feet

The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Your Feet

njuries come in all shapes and sizes, and while there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment to care for every injury, certain active treatments tend you yield better results than others for certain injuries. It is in your best interest to get an individualized diagnosis from a foot and ankle specialist for any lower body pain you’re experiencing, but for many minor and mild injuries, physical therapy works wonders. Below, we share a number of reasons why physical therapy may be just what you need after a foot or ankle injury.

Why Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is often the best thing you can do for your feet or ankle after an injury. Here’s why:

Strengthening – Many injuries are caused by overstress to a certain area of the body. Physical therapy helps to strengthen these areas so they can handle the stress that you throw at them.

Range of Motion – Physical therapy also helps to increase our range of motion. If you want to achieve maximum recovery and reach pre-injury levels of flexibility, you need to partake in physical therapy.

Blood Flow – Physical therapy also helps to speed up your recovery following an injury by helping to improve circulation to areas that need it the most.

Stabilization – For individuals with chronic ankle sprains who are dealing with ankle ligament instability, physical therapy will not only help the ligaments heal, but it will help to strengthen and stabilize them to help prevent recurrence.

Contributes to an Active Lifestyle – The benefits of physical therapy extend beyond just your injury. Physical therapy exercises, like walking or swimming, have whole body benefits. These activities can also help you keep weight off, which in turn will help to put less stress on your feet.

Relevant Motions – One final benefit of physical therapy is that you can perform targeted exercises that will help you when you need it most based on the normal activities you perform. Whether you’re a soccer player or work construction, physical therapy can target the areas and movements you make most to ensure you have the best chance of remaining injury free when active.

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