5 Toenail Care Tips For Women

5 Toenail Care Tips For Women

We don’t pay much attention to our toenails unless there’s a problem, but if we use a little foresight, we can typically help prevent issues from developing down the road. Toenail problems can develop in both men and women, but certain health conditions and other relevant factors can cause more toenail issues for women than men. In today’s blog, we share five ways women can help care for their toenails to prevent injuries.

Caring For Your Toenails
Here are five tips for preventing issues like cracked or ingrown toenails.

1. Wear the right shoes – Women are more likely than men to wear shoes that put their feet in an awkward position. Whether it’s a high pair of heels or a narrow pair of flats, when fashion becomes more important than function, your toenails and feet can suffer. Limit your time in shoes that put excess stress on your feet or the front of your foot. Ill-fitting shoes are one of the leading causes of ingrown toenail development.

2. Care for small problems – Taking care of small problems when you notice them can keep them from snowballing into a bigger issue. Protect cracked nails, use topical creams at the first sign of a fungal infection, and follow these tips if you notice the beginning stages of an ingrown toenail. Early intervention leads to less invasive treatments and better outcomes.

3. Careful cutting – If you’re cutting your nails, make sure you trim them properly. Cut the nail straight across and avoid rounding off the edges, and this can lead to the onset of ingrown toenails. Make sure your toenail clippers is disinfected before each use to avoid potentially introducing bacteria to the nail bed.

4. Trusted pedicure source – If you’re going to get a pedicure or another professional foot treatment, make sure you go to a trusted and well-reviewed establishment. Make sure their equipment is sterilized between users and that the place is clean, otherwise toenail problems and fungus can develop.

5. Scrub your feet each day – A final way to keep your toenails healthy and happy is to scrub them each and every day. It can be easy to assume that our feet are getting clean simply because the shampoo and body wash we use makes our way down our bodies as we rinse, but we really need to take time to scrub them and remove dead skin and other particles. Not only will this help keep your toenails clean, but it will help your whole foot health.

If you’ve been dealing with toenail pain or a related toenail issue, reach out to Dr. Silverman’s office to see how we can help