How To Care For Your Feet As You Get Older

How To Care For Your Feet As You Get Older

Taking care of your health is important at every age, but it’s even more important as you get closer to retirement. Most doctors have you focus on things like weight, cholesterol and blood pressure, and they tell you to keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp. But those aren’t the only two areas of your body that you should focus on keeping healthy as you age. Below, we explain why it’s important, and how you can keep your feet in top shape as you get older.

Protecting Your Feet As You Age
Here are some ways you can ensure that your feet stay healthy long into your wonder years.

1. Exercise – Exercise is important for your whole body, but it’s also very important for your feet. Exercise helps to strengthen muscles and ligaments in the area, which are necessary for healthy movement. You want to find the right balance between challenging your feet and overstressing them, because injuries can develop if you overwork your feet at any age.

2. Regular Checks – Do a weekly or semi-monthly check of your feet to make sure everything looks as it should. Look for healthy nail beds, signs of a fungal infection, or any sores or open wounds, and take care of any problems you notice. It should only take a minute or two to perform these checks, and it can help you identify problems in their infancy. If you are a diabetic, do these checks every day because your feet are at heightened risk for potential problems.

3. Balance Training – Falls are one of the most common sources of injury for individuals over the age of 65. Sometimes this is the result of tripping over an object, but other times it happens because the person simply loses their balance. You can help avoid falls due to balance issues by partaking in balance training exercises or activities. Activities like yoga and tai chi are great for improving your balance and helping you stay active, so look into balance training options near you.

4. Supportive Shoes – Finally, you’ll want to ensure that you are protecting your feet with a comfortable and supportive footwear option. Make sure the shoes give your toes plenty of room and that there’s ample cushioning on the bottom. For best results, consider having your shoes professionally fit by a shoe expert, because our feet can change as we age. If you know you have certain foot conditions, like ankle instability or high arches, find a shoe option that can correct these issues and keep your feet supported.