5 Tips For Keeping Your Feet Clean

5 Tips For Keeping Your Feet Clean

We can’t always prevent injuries to our feet, because at any moment we can be one wrong step away from a twisted ankle. That being said, having good foot hygiene is something you can control, and it can help prevent other problems from developing, like athlete’s foot or ingrown toenails. So today, we share five tips for keeping your feet clean and healthy.

Foot Cleaning Tips
Here are five tips to keep in mind if you want to have good foot hygiene.

1. Scrub – It’s easy to ignore your feet in the shower. You probably shampoo your hair and lather your upper body and legs with soap or body wash, but a lot of people don’t take the time to bend over and scrub their feet. Our feet can carry a lot of dirt and grime, and although shower water may be cascading over them, they aren’t truly going to get clean unless you scrub them. Invest in a scrubbing brush with a handle or a loofah to aid in this process.

2. Inspect – Make it a habit of performing regular checks of your feet. Look things that could become problematic, like moles, cuts, rashes or discolorations. Apply bandages or topical creams as necessary, and make sure moles aren’t changing shape. The best way to keep a foot problem from spiraling out of control is to catch it early.

3. Cut Straight Across – When you’re trimming your toenails, try to cut the top of the nail straight across. If you round the edges, you run the risk of cutting too low, which can lead to the nail growing back at the wrong angle. This can lead to the development of ingrown toenails. Even though it may look a little nicer to match the nail to your toe’s natural curve, fight the urge so that your toenails stay healthy.

4. Don’t Disguise Toenail Problems – If you notice that one of your toenails is discolored or you think that you may have a toenail infection, don’t just try to cover up the problem with toenail polish. That will do nothing to actually treat the problem, which means the infection will continue to grow. If you have toe discoloration, set up a visit with the a foot specialist to get the problem under control.

5. Dry – The final tip for keeping your feet healthy is to keep them dry. Moisture and wetness is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, so do your best to keep your feet dry at times. You can achieve this more easily by investing in a pair of shoes that are breathable and by changing your socks after athletic activity or when you notice they are wet. Some powders can also be used to help keep your feet dry. Find what works best for your feet.